Makers Market
Engineering & Industrial design Data Platform

Increases the value of coins used in the marketplace,
accumulates engineering & industrial design data, and provides valuation based on consensus and services.

The MM Platform protects the global value of E-data, allowing users to quickly share and protect their own value and copyright.

It combines centralized DB and decentralized Dapp to provide a cryptographic ecosystem that can pursue mutual benefits among users.

Via the MM Platform, direct designers, creators, and users are matched, which can eliminate excessive brokerage fees. When a creator provides a drawing to a platform, a smart contract on the intellectual property of that product is executed. It is safe to create a contract for each transaction and registration, and anyone can check whether the ownership and usage rights of the creations are changed.

E-data can be exchanged with cryptographic keys(tokens) via a data value authentication system.

The first creator to provide it is recognized by the block chain and is rewarded for the contribution. Users exercise their voting rights via the coins that they have in this process, and as more users participate in the platform, the data becomes closer to integrity.
The types of E-data are as follows.

– CAD data + industrial design data
– Design data
– Engineering / Design Ideas

The App APPS

In MM Wallet, current MM Token and Transaction history can be checked.

MM Token can be easily moved from mobile wallet and web wallet. MM Token due to token compensation such as voting system, air drop, and contribution can be easily confirmed in Transaction history.

For the development of the MakersMarket ecosystem, it adopts a procedure to receive coin settlement and a method to simplify the transaction and movement method as much as possible. You can go directly from the wallet to the Platform to see the contribution status of the currently logged in account.

In addition, a wallet with a large amount of coins keeps a variety of benefits for the contributor, creating a platform where coins are continuously circulated to maintain and expand the participants.

The web wallet allows you to see transaction details at a glance in the Dashboard. If MM Token is marketed and valued in the future, you can check the profit of the linked account on a chart. Other functions are the same as Mobile Wallet. Both mobile and web wallets can be moved directly to the MM Platform to easily purchase desired E-data.

The Voting tab allows you to see your votes when you vote in the MM Platform Community. As such, MM Wallet and MM Platform can be used systematically as a Dapp.

Token Economy Matrix

Total Supply : 2,000,000,000 MM

Distribution of tokens

Sale 25%

-Monthly limit will be set to control the circulating supply

Reward 5%

- Rewards distributed for the Platform users
- Design owners are rewarded for registering their data, and buyers may earn rewards through writing reviews on their purchased items

Research & Development 15%

- Volume designated for the vitalization of ecosystem (Reseach/Development/Marketing)
- To control the circulating supply, monthly releases of 1% after a 2 year lock will be set
- Includes the supply distributed for the advisors

Team 15%

- Volume designated for the Team and shareholders (incl. Founder)
- 2-year lock with a monthly release of 1% (additional 1% release per year after)
Total Period = 2 Years + 3 Years 7 Months

Company 40%

-Volume held by the company with more than 1 years lock

As for the Team/Marketing volume, lock periods may be extended depending on the necessity of price stabilization

Circulation and Actual Usage of coins within the Platform and Exchanges

The circulation for exchanges will commence through ERC-20 Token. The MM token within the platform is a mainnet coin, and will be automatically converted to a ERC-20 format coin upon withdrawal, to be deposited to Exchanges that MM is listed on.

Once a user transfers their coin from an wallet in an exchange to their account within the Makers Market Platform, the ERC-20 MM token will be automatically converted to the mainnet coin for use within the platform.

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DongHee Jang
WooSung Joo
Jun Hui Lee
DongJun Lee
Taeho Lee
HoYeong Son
Shin Lae Kang
Senior Advisor
Gi Yong Lee
YongHwan Jung
YoungDo Kim
Patrick bourne
WonChang Lee
Heonsub Choi
Giwoo Jin
Eunsu Park
Sean Kim
HeeJin Shim

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